LATEST DROP: Di Ka Mahirap Mahalin by Silent Sanctuary

Another band kickstarting the year! Di Ka Mahirap Mahalin by Silent Sanctuary dropped and this song is really not hard to love.

You just gotta love the first month of the year, huh? All throughout January, we’ve been blessed by a lot of new releases! From new singles to official music videos, I’m overwhelmed but couldn’t get enough at the same time.

Of course, one of our favorite bands Silent Sanctuary dropped a new single last week as promised! Check out Di Ka Mahirap Mahalin by SIlent Sanctuary here:

What a visually pleasing video of their performance, right? And you get to enjoy their new song even more with such a cute lyric video!

I had no doubt from the start that this band was going to make another year great for OPM lovers. When they shared with us that they are gonna be releasing two singles, I was really waiting for it! Have you seen our interview with Silent Sanctuary at Maskipaps: The Crossover? Check it out now!

‘Di Ka Mahirap Mahalin’

Lahat ng gusto ko
Parang nabasa mo sa libro

It’s so easy to fall in love with someone who seems to know the things that you want and need without having to utter a word, right? Not having to exhaust yourself by explaining every time what you need and having someone who knows you that well enough to understand is gotta be the best feeling. It’s very rare to cross paths with someone who just knows you the way others don’t. It’ll really make you feel that you’ve found the one.

Nakakabasa ka ng isip
Nagsusulat ka ng panaginip
Kusang dumarating, madaling intindihin
Bigla kong napansin na papalapit ka na sa’kin

For those of you who have found this person in your life, then you’re lucky! Not everyone gets that chance. With this kind of understanding and connection, it’s like you both can overcome anything. For those of you who are in love and know for sure that they are the right person, then don’t ever let that go. Because finding the right person happens once in a lifetime.

Did Silent Sanctuary make you wanna dedicate this song to someone? Then make sure that you add it to your Spotify playlist!

What do you think of Di Ka Mahirap Mahalin by Silent Sanctuary? For me, it makes me want to find and experience that kind of love! How about you? Share it in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!

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