Di Bale Na MV by Keiko Necesario dropped last night, and I am soooo crazy over it!

Sunday night, December 17, everyone counted down the hours and minutes til the music video release. And I must say on behalf of everyone, the Di Bale Na MV by Keiko Necesario was worth the wait!

Haven’t seen this heartwarming music video? Well, stop missing out! I have it for you right here:

Ahhhhhh, the emotions that this song could bring. I don’t know about you, but the ‘Di Bale Na’ MV is giving me different kinds of feels!

‘Di Bale Na’ MV

The MV release of ‘Di Bale Na’ last night caused some waves in the Twitterverse. And it’s not really a shock!

The overall vibes of the music video is very vintage, that’s why it’s very pleasing to watch. The simpleness in the video is what tugs at the heartstrings, giving more power to the meaningful lyrics of the song.

Keiko Necesario did not only open herself through her song but through this music video as well. Just like what she uttered in the MV’s intro saying, “Ito, ito ang buhay ko.”

And I know you are all loving this MV!

True enough, ‘Di Bale Na’ speaks of how we learn from where we came from. But our own adventures would mold us to become and/or discover who we truly are.

And even if the journey is long, that’s okay as long as you know where you’re heading.

There’s also the beautiful promise that the day will come, all of our questions will be answered. And with it, all our pain from yesterday will be worth it.

Beautiful, isn’t it? In ‘Di Bale Na’, Keiko Necesario shows that despite all the pain, you can still rise up. You will learn to embrace all the sorrow and welcome a new tomorrow, finally able to open yourself up once more.

If you loved the MV of ‘Di Bale Na’, then you’d love to have this single on your Spotify playlist!

How about you? What did the Di Bale Na MV by Keiko Necesario made you feel? Did it inspire you to start your journey? Tell us in the comment section below! Or better yet, send us a message our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!