The official music video of Di Bale Na Lang by Madeline reminds us not to fall for our crushes too hard. So note to our marupok self, don’t fall for it!

In case you missed it, Madeline released the official music video for their latest single, ‘Di Bale Na Lang’. Presented by Yellow Room Music PH, the music video encapsulates the confusing mind games with our crushes in the most fun way possible. Fun fact: the lead female role in the MV is none other than Rayna, the bassist of MNTKLYA!

Developing a crush is quite normal. While others tend to shy away from their crushes, there are still some people who are vocal about their feelings. Some of our crushes acknowledge their feelings but never reciprocate them. Cause it’s just a simple, harmless little crush. However, we still encounter a crush who tends to mislead us into thinking that there’s a chance. But Madeline’s ‘Di Bale Na Lang‘ teaches us to be aware of how we respond to our crushes’ advances.

In the first look, the music video seems simple. But the effects of the video makes up for the simplicity of it. The little scribbles and drawing popping out every now and then adds emphasis to the small gestures of the two talents in the video. Story-wise, there’s a guy who hits up on the girl who acts nonchalantly.  But the attraction between the two can be noticed. However, instead of falling for the crazy romantic antics of the guy, the girl remains undaunted. And she truly lives by Madeline’s words “di bale na lang”.

I mean, we’d all love for someone to dance like crazy for us in public. Or have someone look at us like we’re the most precious thing in the world. Or maybe just see their eyes light when they see us. But we’re done chasing and hurting for the people who ignores us and gives us mixed signals. A great philosopher once said, ” Di bale, hindi lang naman sila ang nag-iisang crush natin.”. (Nope, it’s Madeline!)

Actually, Madeline’s right. Why chase someone who plays games with you? It’s just a crush and it’s a big world we live in. We have plenty of time to indulge ourselves with love and crazy romance. So why settle for someone who toys our feelings, right? Like I’ve said, it’s just a crush. No need to be so hung up.

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