Aren’t happy crushes just the best? Now you can dedicate a song to them too! Check it out!

Ikaw Sa Salamin by gelo;

Aren’t happy crushes just the best? So if you’ve got one right now you’ll definitely be able to relate to ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo;. Listen to it here!

‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ was released just last December 22. But before we get into the song, let’s get to know the artist a little more! gelo; is a US-born Filipino and was raised in New York City. But you wouldn’t think that, especially since his Filipino is so good. And aside from the guitar and piano, he also knows how to play the saxophone. Also, if his sound seems familiar to you then you may have heard his previous singles ‘Wasabi’ and ‘Judo Choppin”

You can listen to ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo;, right here:

Ikaw Sa Salamin by gelo;

Ikaw Sa Salamin by gelo;

So what is a happy crush anyway? It’s when you like someone but don’t really expect things to go anywhere. You’re just happy whenever that person is around. And you just genuinely want the best for them. Well, that’s exactly what ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo; is about. And it’s especially evident in the chorus.

Tingnan mo ang salamin
Kay ganda mo ngang tanawin
Animo’y mga bituin
Ayos lang na hindi sa’kin

To interpret, let’s assume that gelo; is singing to his happy crush. And in the chorus, he asks her to look in the mirror, in the hopes that she sees how beautiful she is through his eyes. He also compares her to that of stars, beautiful to look at. But in the end, you can never have them.

But you know what makes this song even better? People on Twitter have started the #IkawSaSalaminChallenge, wherein they send this song to their crush as a way of confessing their feelings.

Overall, we love the soft lullaby-esque sound of ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo;. And you know, sometimes we meet people that are not for us, which we shouldn’t feel bad about. That’s what happy crushes are for, right?

So what did you think of ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo;? And will you be joining the #IkawSaSalaminChallenge? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.