The music video of ‘Dance For Me!’ by Fern. is just as fiery and passionate as the song itself. Watch the red-hot video out now!

Fern. is finally out with a new music video! Since his last music video in January for ‘Into You’, ‘Dance For Me!‘ is now the second music video he has released this year. Don’t be fooled by the title, ‘Dance For Me!’ is definitely not just your average chill track. It’s actually quite dark and deep if we’re taking his new MV into account.

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Fernando Miguel Tan or otherwise known as Fern. is a young Filipino singer, songwriter, and producer. But aside from singing, did you know that he can also play the guitar, keyboard, and saxophone? This young artist really has some layers to him. And that really shows through his new music video.

Fiery, sensual, and red!

There’s one thing we can absolutely say about his new music video, it’s so red! But aside from the initial sensual feeling that you get from the video, if you delve a little deeper into it, it actually features some dark things. It was directed by Enzo Valdez from SINDIKATO. And features his stunning partner in the video, Mckenzie Kinsella. Check it out below:

The video starts out with him strapped in duct tape to a chair. In the beginning, you can already feel a peep of darkness in an otherwise boppy sounding song. And we think this is great imagery to portray being trapped in a situation you have no control over. In this case, loving someone you can’t have. Throughout the video, we can also see plumes of smoke every now and then. As well as scenes of drinking. And this may be what he was referring to the song when he sang:

All these substance I abuse
Got me hopeless and confused

And at the end of the video, we still see him in the chair. But this time next to a stag-headed man. Now in old myths and legends, the stag has been known to be the personification of values. Maybe we can take that as his virtues being the one standing in the way of having the person he loves.

Overall, ‘Dance For Me!’ is a treat for the senses. We will definitely be watching what this young artist has in store for us next.

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