Who loves Silent Sanctuary? We do! We’re glad they’re up and about once again with a new single called ‘Dahilan’. But mind you, it actually made us cry!

Yup, Silent Sanctuary is up and at it again, breaking our hearts with ‘Dahilan’. And trust me, this is the type of songs you have to listen to with a hanky in hand! This song tackles the bitter whys of a relationship ending abruptly.


Have you ever experienced a breakup where the other people just started not talking to you, or as we call it today, ghosted? Breakups are never easy, but there’s nothing worse than being left behind without knowing the reason why.

‘Dahilan’ asks what the reason is for someone leaving in a heartbreaking combination of instrumentation and amazing vocals. You can really feel the confusion in the song, and it’s akin to how a person feels after being ghosted or left without a reason or explanation.

It all goes down to closure. When we don’t get it, we keep lingering on, asking ourselves what might have gone wrong. And it’s not an easy task, especially when the only person who can answer our whys has left us already. This is the sort of emotion you can feel with ‘Dahilan’!

Classic feels

With this, Silent Sanctuary takes us back to the Fuchsiang Pag-Ibig era, when lyrics to songs like ‘Rebound’ and ’14’ constituted the content of our GMs, #heartbreak, #sad! These songs also made us cry to sleep (I wonder who hurt 14-year-old me…).

Nevertheless, it can be said that Silent Sanctuary songs have always been a classic for our generation. There’s just something about their music that sounds so nostalgic and it really brings back an awful ton of memories!

This being said, we’re just glad the band continues to give us great music to listen to, and we’re still very excited about their new songs! But you know, ‘Dahilan’ might hold us down for a while.

You can stream ‘Dahilan’ on Spotify! Excuse me while I slay the repeat button!

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