MilesExperience goes all out with their cutting-edge EP, Cyber World War, perfect for punk heads out there!

Once more, MilesExperience takes us by the reigns as they bring about their remastered sound to light. Tweaking after their awaited comeback, they prove that there’s more to them than we know. And Cyber World War checks out all of those boxes!

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After a year-long hiatus, MilesExperience came back with one goal in mind. To show everyone what they’re made of. Gig after gig, single after single, they had us reeled in to what comes after. A tour and a new sound. They do not disappoint as they reimagine their music to a fuller sound. From an all-out punk rock fusion band, they add additional elements and instruments to their repertoire. And to be perfectly honest, no one expected bongos to work their charm in a rock band. But it did. Miles and company just keep on surprising us. Every single time.

A unique rock experience

Cyber World War is a pretty straightforward 4-track EP. It doesn’t fall far from the original music and appeal that MilesExperience had when they started. The tracks in the EP are all familiar songs of the band. If you’re a regular attendee of their gigs, then you’d probably know them all by heart.

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Firewall is a short instrumental intro, setting the whole feel of the EP. On the other hand, What Goes Around (In My Room), Break and Perks of War follow through with a strong ordeal up until the very last note. The little tweaks and experiments they made didn’t diminish the tracks’ overall edge. But instead, it added an odd yet cool feel to the song arrangement. Surely, their experimental sound finds a way to wow us even more.

That kind of sound isn’t something you’ll find in both local and international rock scene. It only goes to show that MilesExperience knows how to pluck their way to our hearts. Indeed, proving their versatility as a highly regarded band who knows their way through and through.

Be sure to rock your heart out with Cyber World War EP by MilesExperience on Spotify!

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