LATEST DROP: Cool MV – Jonas Brothers

Bust the heat as our boys next door slash all-time crushes, the Jonas Brothers, drop the official music video for their latest single ‘Cool’!

The Jonas Brothers might be the only artists to go on hiatus, come back, and still be as dope. No, we aren’t seeing the innocent looking teenage boys anymore, because they came back even hotter–and cooler– than before! Check out the official music video for ‘Cool’ to see for yourself!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_JbZvHc92U[/embedyt]

Big summer vibes and attitude

The Jonas Brothers are the type of cool that can beat the summer heat. Their video had a whole summer vibe to it, which makes it a perfect watch during a hot day! It would seriously make you want to hit the beach and play in the water. It also had a cross-process tone to it.

I think the most defining part about this video is the amount of suave that the boys got here. Nick, especially. Don’t you just wish you had the same level of confidence as him throughout the whole first verse of the song? Our boy Nick, looking fly since forever, and that pout by the end of his part, too!

Subtle references

Rick Lava also made an appearance in the video! In their ‘Burnin’ Up’ music video from 2013, Joe had worn a fake mustache and an outfit inspired from the 80’s style clothing. Looks like he’s finally been able to grow that mustache. And the brothers just went from burning up to being hella cool!

Lastly, it looks like Kevin finally got the birds he was obsessing about from the first Camp Rock movie. In the video, he was surrounded by parrots! Such a dream! Other fans are wishing for more parts for Kevin, or maybe even a solo. Don’t you think he deserves it? We do!

I think we can agree that this video lets us see how far the brothers have come ever since their fame and hiatus up to now. They have come back even better! First, they startle us with their comeback and the release of ‘Sucker’, and now this! To the Jonas Brothers, it’s always about coming back to the roots, and we couldn’t be happier for their success! You can’t get cooler than that.

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