We’re in the mood for heavenly bodies right now, because Saving Sunday put us there! Their new single, ‘Comet’, is a fun drive to outer space!

You read that right! Saving Sunday just created a song about heavenly bodies that anyone can surely jive to! ‘Comet’ is out on Spotify now!

Saving Sunday

Saving Sunday is a 4 piece indie pop-rock band that can surely save your Sunday (or any day) with their music! It might look like they are particularly new in the scene, after all, it was just formed in 2018, but they sure sound good! Composed of Jay Real on vocals and guitar, Johlo Empalmado on bass, Jesse Manuel on lead, and Daniel Caralian on drums, Saving Sunday strived to give us music with diverse personal influences!

It’s no surprise, though. When Jay and Johlo first started the band, they patiently looked for people who would fit the sound they were going for. That was when they recruited Jesse and Daniel. The chemistry between the members was too strong and the music so good, they knew they had to take it further. Focusing on fictional and personal stories with a vibey rock sound and shoegaze and pop feels, Saving Sunday has been creating their own music since then. Luckily, you can be one of the first people to hear it!


You’d be right to think that this song is about heavenly bodies, but it’s not just that. ‘Comet’ talks about loving or being fascinated by a person so much, you begin to see that person as a heavenly body. Mostly figurative, the language used in the lyric writing could not be mistaken. It’s nice that the band opted for metaphors in describing that person.

Now I’m looking above and from what I see

You’re falling closer and closer to me

You’re the comet that trails along the universe

Wondering who could be the inspiration behind this? We are, too! We have yet to figure that out, but whoever she is, she must one beautiful comet!

These lyrics paired with the great music that Saving Sunday has is surely perfect for a drive or even a simple jam at home! You can add this to your playlist or stream it right here!

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