There’s nothing more romantic than an enigmatic confession of love. And Cloud by Psyka PH brings a new taste of love through their newest single this time.

New dawn arises as Psyka PH prepares for their EP, ‘Sunset on Mars’. And to kickstart it, the band released an enchanting new song about love. And to stay true to their craft, the band surely dedicated their time adding synth elements to their rock sound. Definitely, if you’re a pop-punk person, ‘Cloud’ would be the perfect song for your significant other.

Psyka PH’s newest track ‘Cloud’ draws you in with it’s relaxing and charming tunes. The rhythm of the music kicks in with a good sense of relief, not too electrified or too mellow for itself. It’s kind of stuck in between but has catchy beats that stick on to you. It does sound like a song straight from a synth-pop-rock vinyl record. While it gives you the mellow sound you need, it doesn’t stray too far away from being a rock song.

In a similar manner, the lyrics of the song is as light as it can be. Most rock songs delve into deep themes and incorporating them to the lyrics as well. But ‘Cloud’ is as chill as it can get. A simple yet romantic confession of love that will tingle your heartstrings. It isn’t a riveting and romantic declaration of love, it’s true. But ‘Cloud’ expresses how people can describe their ecstasy, happines, and love for someone through the simplest words possible. Or even relate them to the simplest things in life. This only goes to show that love can be described even to the mundanities of life and still sound romantic as hell.

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