The Clara Benin New Music Video ‘Wrestle’ got us hypnotized, proving yet again that this darling is our new OPM sweetheart!

If you know this 24-year old singer-songwriter, then you have probably already fallen in love with her music! And in this Clara Benin new music video for ‘Wrestle’, we’re sure you would adore Clara Benin even more.

This Clara Benin new music video for ‘Wrestle’ is quite simple, highlighting her talent with the guitar and her mesmerizing voice. But not only that, ‘Wrestle’ showcased her skill in songwriting as well.

The depth and the determination etched in each word truly molded the whole song into a masterpiece. And we love you even more, Clara!

The ‘Wrestle’ music video even got some positive feedback from her listeners as well. Her fans expressed their adoration for Clara and others shared the song’s impact to them.

We just can’t help but love this girl!

Yaaaasss, fam!

CB followers unite!

Unlocking levels and decoding our fate
We call the shots on how to number our days
I’m counting off everyday as day one
Brushing off every loss as if I’ve won

Clara Benin gave her listeners a deep and meaningful song, and her ‘Wrestle’ music video is filled with nostalgia as she relives her childhood.

Clara Benin’s Music Career

Besides the successful release of her new music video for ‘Wrestle’, Clara Benin already had multiple achievements in her music career beforehand.

Did you know that she was the voice behind the McDonald’s popular jingle, ‘Hooray for Today’? Plus her song interpretation of ‘Kung Akin Ang Langit’ was awarded the Spinnr People’s Choice Award.

Whoa, this girl’s definitely got great talent.

In 2015, Clara Benin was also able to take a large leap in her music career when famous Coffee Been & Tea Leaf signed her up for a music tour! This was when the young singer promoted her debut album, ‘Human Eyes.’

That same year, she was also able to release the EP of ‘Riverchild’, and you should definitely check out the official music video that we also have for you right here!

Till now, Clara Benin’s music career continues on and she was even part of the famous Karpos Live. You would often find her singing her hearts out at bar gigs, music festivals, and events.

Make sure to check out Clara Benin’s other songs available on Spotify!

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