Surprise, surprise! CLAPCLAPCLAP! Album by IV of Spades dropped unexpectedly and we are shaking!

CLAPCLAPCLAP! Album by IV of Spades was released last night and it’s making everyone crazy! When early sleepers were dozing off last night, us owls were hyped for the rest of the night. IV of Spades almost gave OPM lovers a heart attack by unexpectedly dropping their debut album!

We all had a hint that something was coming our way soon. But geez, a 15-track album? And their first one yet? Going crazy is so understandable.


Midnight is definitely an ungodly hour if you have work or class the next day. So poor you if you decided to hit the hay early last night. And poor me for still being up when it was released and stayed up all night listening to the album on repeat!

The debut album CLAPCLAPCLAP! has 15 great amazing tracks, namely:


-Sweet Shadow

Bata, Dahan-Dahan!

-Bawat Kaluluwa

-Not My Energy

-Come Inside Of My Heart

-The Novel Of My Mind

-Dulo Ng Hangganan

-In My Prison

-My Juliana

-I’m A Butterfly

-I Ain’t Perfect

-Take That Man


-I Would Rather Live Alone (Maybe I’m Not Who I’m Today)

The tracks!

The album includes the already favorite singles of IV of Spades, the ‘Bata, Dahan-Dahan!‘ and ‘In My Prison’. IV of Spades reminds us yet again of their very retro and disco style music through ‘Sweet Shadows’, and ‘Take That Man’.

The other tracks either makes me wanna bang my head or sway side to side to the music tho! Because the songs ‘Not My Energy’, ‘My Juliana’, and ‘I’m A Butterfly’ are upbeat but not really in the band’s usual disco style

‘Bawat Kaluluwa’ is my personal favorite. It’s about how everything is destroyed and how we could no longer alter the past because we’re under too much control. Kind of too negative, honestly speaking. But in some ways, it also tells of how you could still try to set free of the things you lost yourself into.

On the other hand, ‘Come Inside Of My Heart’, ‘I Ain’t Perfect’, ‘Captivated’, and ‘Dulo Ng Hangganan’ also earned a special in my heart! The two are such chill love songs that you could lose yourself into. Imagine being stuck on heavy traffic, earphones on, and your head resting by the window—your own music video lol!

‘The Novel Of My Mind’ is a showoff of IV of Spades’ talent to create such a masterpiece with their music! No words needed! The single ‘I Would Rather Live Alone (Maybe I’m Not Who I’m Today)’ is so painfully beautiful. This song actually came off as a shock to me since it’s the last song I listened to. And I’m telling you, if ‘Basta Kaluluwa’ is my personal favorite, this song owned me instead.


The 15-second track ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!’ is already making everyone crazy! In less than 24 hours, people are already sharing their own “covers” or challenge and a lot are actually going viral.

To keep you updated here’s some of the ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!’ trend going around on the Twitterverse.

Filipinos are so quick at this kind of stuff, huh? And so damn witty! Trust me, there’s a lot more of that on Twitter.

Listen to the ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!’ Album by IV of Spades now!

What do you think of the CLAPCLAPCLAP! Album by IV of Spades? Did it take you by surprise? What’s your favorite track? Tell us everything in the comment section below! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!