In case you missed it, CL has just released two more new singles from her upcoming album ‘In the Name of Love‘.

The world of K-pop has been continuously making a lot of noise over the years. However, some idols that we really missed are members of the now-disbanded girl group, 2NE1. We have gotten some news about them recently, such as Minzy being spotted performing at a party in the Philippines. But honestly, what we were really looking forward to is CL‘s new music and her album ‘In the Name of Love’.

Today, she finally completed releasing all the singles from her project album. And needless to say, we were brought to tears from the overwhelming emotions that we felt while listening to every single song of hers. Read the rest of the article below to know what we think and how we felt upon listening to CL.


From the start, we immediately knew that ONE AND ONLY is a song that we could dance to. Moreover, it made us feel really badass, much like how we see CL project her confidence and incomparable aura. Likewise, the song itself talks about how CL believes in herself, her decisions and her actions.

This song honestly bluntly says “f*** you, I’m your loss” and we just love it! Also, the dancers featured in the music video are just really slaying. With this song blasting in our ears, we are made to believe that we are powerful and that no one could say otherwise.


Compared to the first single we talked about, THNX is a lot different. Being a painful ballad about being left alone, CL’s vocals shine brightly here. The same goes with the other singles but in this one, we can really feel the bittersweet feeling that the song was trying to share just from listening to her voice. It’s sad… but also really, really beautiful. Honestly, this might be our second favorite from the album.

Also, that music video though! So creative and through it, we were able to take a glance at how things change with the ending of a relationship. Again, it feels sad… but also really, really frickin’ beautiful.


In PARADOX, CL shares some personal struggles that she has gone through. Negative thoughts, uncertainty, sad realizations – she really discussed a lot of things that a lot of people could also relate to. Admit it, some things that she has said are also stuff that we have thought of or experienced at some points in our lives.

10/10 would listen to this song again and again.


Just from the title itself, we could immediately assume what or who the song is about. Yes YG Entertainment, we are thinking of you. The song itself is simple, but the message of it proves that CL really went through a lot during her time in the entertainment company. We are just super happy for her now that she’s releasing new music free and away from the clutches of others.


‘DONE’ by CL is really catchy and throughout the whole song, we just can’t help but feel everything as if we understood what she was singing. We just love the melody and how CL spoke to us through the song. Of course, her rapping was awesome and amazing.

Moreover, thanks to the wonderful CC or Subtitle feature of YouTube, we were able to know the message of ‘DONE’ eventually. Talking about being ‘done’ with a person who brought pain and sadness, the song is really relatable and we can’t deny that it was such an anthem. Kudos, CL!


We already know how CL’s vocals are husky yet alluring and very beautiful. However, we still didn’t expect that we would cry from just listening to her sing. ‘REWIND’ is simply phenomenal, and we love how she showcased the wonderful colors in her voice. If we must say so, this is our favorite from the album.

Moreover, the message of the song is also really touching. Talking about starting over and turning back time, ‘REWIND’ also expresses the need to change, especially if its for the better. Again, another wonderful song which would be a perfect fit to our everyday playlist.

Honestly, every single one of CL’s songs is phenomenal and just really beautiful. Each of them is relatable, and we know that CL really poured her heart out in the making of these musical gems.

So to CL we just want to say that girl, you are amazing and thank you for everything that you do! Keep on sharing your talent and music with the world because you are super great and unstoppable!

What do you think of this article? Which single from CL’s album did you like the most? Moreover, how did you feel upon listening to them? Share with us your thoughts or opinions by simply commenting down below! Or just hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.