Rich Brian and Chung Ha didn’t chill (or maybe they actually did) with their new collaboration track at all. ‘These Nights’ is smooth af!

Last Tuesday, we wrote about the teaser for These Nights – a collaboration between Indonesian rapper Rich Brian and South Korean pop idol Chung Ha. Today, their single was released along with a music video that is simple but perfectly chill af!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, watch the music for These Nights below!

These Nights

As we somehow predicted, Rich Brian and Chung Ha’s song would have a synth-pop vibe. Rich Brian’s vocals were obviously heavily auto-tuned, but the song is still catchy enough to make a listener go back for more. These Nights is good and we could really imagine this playing in a chill bar.

What really stood out for us though is the other person in the music video: the great Chung Ha.

Chung Ha These Nights Music Video MV

Maybe it is because of all her training as a K-pop idol, but Chung Ha just knows how to show the world what she can offer. Amazing vocals, check. Stunning visuals, check. Groovy dancing, check.

It took a very long while for Rich Brian’s part to finish, and by the time that Chung Ha appeared, we were just so satisfied. Our eyes were just really fixated on her throughout the duration of the music video. She is so beautiful, ugh.

Don’t get us wrong, we also liked Rich Brian. It’s just that we were taken aback at how Chung Ha really looks badass and pretty in the music video. Especially when they were riding on the motorcycle, that looked really cool!

Meanwhile, let’s look at Rich Brian’s solo scenes.

Rich Brian These Nights music video mv

We aren’t really sure if his scenes are meant to look comical, but it seems like that’s the vibe he’s going for. And look at the way he’s biting his lip, all while holding that baby crocodile! These Nights is super cool but Rich Brian looks really playful. We don’t hate it though because it works for the music video too.

All in all, we really liked it. The collaboration was super unexpected but the result is wonderful. As other people said, it’s a collab we didn’t knew we needed!

What do YOU think of These Nights? Did you like the song and the music video? Share with us what you think of it by commenting down below! Or simply hit us up on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.