Over the holidays, Mayonnaise gave its fans two very special gifts. One on Christmas Day and one on New Years as well!

Kumander by Mayonnaise

The OG rock band, Mayonnaise, has been working as hard as Christmas elves to deliver these presents on time through the holidays! Because last Christmas Day, they just dropped their latest single, and on New Year’s they dropped the music video for it as well! Check out ‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise right here!

So we’re sure we don’t need an introduction as to who Mayonnaise is. So let’s get right to it! The thing that makes ‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise stand out is the surprising difference in the context of the song itself and the MV. As well as the title itself, kumander, which is a slang word that straight men have for their wives and girlfriends that often tell them what to do, or are strict in general. And maybe you can get it better if we explain its origins, kumander is simply a play on the English word “commander”. And what’s a commander but someone who simply gives commands. But most Men swear that it’s a term of endearment if you can believe it.

You can watch the MV for Mayonnaise right here:

Kumander by Mayonnaise

Kumander by Mayonnaise

Now, moving on to the song itself. ‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise has an overall fun and playful vibe that banks on the relatability of the kind of relationship the song tells. The kind of relationship that has one swearing they love the other despite not listening to what they say. And the other always nagging the other for not listening, but do it because that’s their love language. Now, although that seems like a problematic and toxic kind of relationship, we believe that songs shouldn’t only tell the “good kind”  of relationships.

So before we move on to the MV, make sure to watch it above! The MV for ‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise honestly didn’t make sense to us. It stars a very confused zombie-looking Jasmin Curtis Smith. And it was done in collaboration with Yellow Room Music. But we don’t quite get how the song relates to the MV. But as a stand-alone MV, it was interesting on its own. At first, you would think that Jasmine Curtis Smith is a zombie that came to life. And as she wanders the empty halls of what appears to be a hospital, she finds her corpse dead on a desk. So it turns out she was a wandering spirit, after all.

Overall, we loved the song, MV, and even the lyric video! So even though the context of the song is a bit problematic, it’s also realistic because it happens in real life. Although, if you can find a link between the song and the MV, we’d love to hear about it. Because we can’t just place a finger on it!

So what did you think of ‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.