Have you seen the MV for Donnalyn Bartolome’s ‘HBD’? Its star-studded casts will amaze you!

After the release of her ‘Di Lahat’ MV featuring many influential women such as Nadine Lustre, Anne Curtis, and  Jelai Andres, our ‘Kakaibabe’ Donnalyn Bartolome is back at it again with another video full of stars we all know and love. This time, her ‘HBD’ MV features widely famous Youtubers such as Cong TV, Ranz Kyle, and even You Do Note Girl!

Donnalyn Bartlome HBD MV


This fun-filled song basically talks about drowning your worries away and basically having a blast on the day you were born! And damn right, it’s true! It doesn’t matter really where as long as you celebrate it with the people you love and appreciate you.

Hmmmm Yea, ready?
Isang araw sa isang taon
May napakaespesyal na selebrasyon
Ng mga bata, feeling bata,
Isip bata pero iisa lang ang okasyon

Handa ka na bang ilabas ang handa mo
Huwag kang mag-alala okay lang kahit ano
Magsasaya tayo ayaw mo man o gusto
Kami nang bahala sa cake

‘HBD’ is a song written Donnalyn along with Skusta Clee, Smugglaz, Bassilyo, and Zaito! They helped in adding the fun to the song with their ballistic flow and catchy rap. Well, of course, some of them are widely known in the fliptop industry!


Donnalyn Bartolome HBD MV


Donnalyn did a great job of bringing to life the lyrics of ‘HBD’. From what we can see in the music video, she celebrates her birthday with some of her family and closest friends. If you didn’t know, Donnalyn became famous because of Youtube, so she’s no stranger to the Youtubers in the video and is actually friends with them.

We can see famous Youtubers such as Zeinab Harake, Lloyd Cadena, Wil Dasovich, and much more! But what really made the video out of this world is that Donnalyn even did a comedy skit with Sir Raffy Tulfo from ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ at the end and if you don’t know who is—well—you’re missing half of your life.

He is basically a mediator for people who can’t afford legal battle cases. And during the past years of becoming a mediator, the people he had helped gave us a few laughs.

Donnalyn Bartolome HBD MV


Kudos to Donna and her creativity being the director of this music video! Haven’t seen the music video yet, well then be our guest!

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