Chasing Sunsets by Submission brings us the bittersweet longing for our significant other who we only see once in a while.

There’s nothing more quite exquisite than the feeling of being with our significant other. And for us who are in a long distance relationship, time is our enemy. And Submission’s ‘Chasing Sunsets’ encapsulates the mixed emotions we have when we’re with our beloved.

An electro-pop-rock band, Submission hails from Parañaque City. The quintet collective brings groovy songs with the tinge of pop and rock overtones. Submission is made up of Alec Densing on bass, Ian Estanislao on drums, Kanna de Guzman on vocals and Chunick Tato on guitar.

‘Chasing Sunsets’ kind of gives off a vibe similar to The 1975. The beat is catchy and a bit dancy that will surely make your ears prick up. The one they released in Spotify was actually the remastered version. And you can definitely feel the difference it has from the previous version they have.

Poetically bittersweet

We’ve been chasing sunsets for the longest time
Cause every morning’s empty when you’re not around
All I ever wanted is to be with you all night
So we’ve been chasing sunsets just to have our time

While it sounds like a very positive song, if you’re a pessimist, it can sound a tad bittersweet. It takes on that feeling like you’re chasing time while with someone you love. Especially for people in long distance relationships. You only have so much time in your hands to spend with your beloved. How every morning, waking up feels different when he or she is not the first thing you lay eyes on. Or how you miss the warmth of their embrace. Their touch and how you melt into their arms every single damn time.

It sounds a bit like a confession of what we truly feel. Being in an LDR is quite excruciating. The longing, the waiting and the anticipation. It kills how every ticking of the clock means that you’d be away for some time again. But the excitement knowing that there’s so much you can bond over with is the cherry on top.

So if you’re feeling lonely and missing your beau, you can stream it or have them listen to it too! ‘Chasing Sunsets’ by Submission is available in Spotify!

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