The Bed Bites just dropped Celeste and it’s made perfect for our lonely hearts!

Yes, The Bed Bites just gave us another song to cry us to sleep. You can feel the loneliness just by listening to this song! Here they are performing it live.


The Bed Bites

The band consists of Jany Ligutan (vocals, guitar), Ja Ayong (guitar, backing vocals), Jay Fernandez (bass), Don Davis Pido (lead guitar), and Neil Yap (drums). The Bed Bites is fairly new to the scene, they have only been active since 2017, but they’re surely not letting themselves get behind! Within less than a year, the 5-piece has already graced us with two successful singles ‘Milky Way’ and ‘Moonpie’. But this does not come as a surprise after learning that their music is heavily influenced by great bands like Orange and Lemons and The Beatles.

Here’s why ‘Celeste’ breaks hearts

I think we have all been there. One night when you don’t want to be home alone, but you have no one to talk to, no place you can go. This is what ‘Celeste’ made me feel. Despite the song being a little upbeat, it’s the lyrics that really does it for me.

Naglalakad sa buwan di masilayan
‘di malimutan ang mga gabing nag-iisa
walang masandalan, walang mahawakan
at para bang naliligaw, walang mapuntahan
While it is about loneliness, it also speaks about longing for a person so much that just to see that person’s smile can bring happiness. It talks about not being able to wait until you go home to that person.
Ang tanging dalangin sa mga bituin, sana’y dinggin
makasama, makapiling
nawawala, bumabalik, nananabik makita ang mga ngiti
nawawala, bumabalik, naiinip makauwi sa’yong tabi

Why the song is titled Celeste is beyond us. Could it be that this song is dedicated to a woman named Celeste? We don’t know for sure since the name Celeste is not mentioned anywhere in the song, which makes it all the more interesting!

Go listen to it so we can be sad together. Kidding! But for real now, if you want something raw and relatable, you should listen to this song. Stream it on Spotify now!

This song sure does make me want to go home and bury my face into my pillow. What do you think about ‘Celeste’? Let us know in the comment section below after you listen to it! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.