Strangely familiar, CASE STUDY 01 by Daniel Caesar lives to itself as an experimental album about life and existing.

Surprising everyone out of the blue, ‘CASE STUDY 01’ by Daniel Caesar drops without no further warning. Following the success of his previous album ‘Freudian’, ‘CASE STUDY 01’ admits itself to be experimental yet familiar with Daniel Caesar’s signature tunes.

Daniel Caesar, the Canadian R&B soul balladeer, blew everyone away after releasing his second album. ‘CASE STUDY 01’ features 10 songs that highlight his roots, influences, and inspirations for his music. Indeed, it’s quite evident as he collaborated with big artists like Brandy, John Mayer, Pharell Williams, and Jacob Collier.

While ‘Freudian’ talked about love, ‘CASE STUDY 101’ is all about life and existing. True to the name of the album, like a case study, it is experimental. He pushes the boundaries between jazz, pop, and R&B to create new music for the soul. The sound of the album definitely screams Daniel Caesar. And even the harmonious falsetto, cozy instrumentals and the perfect multicolored and hallucinatory touches seems to fit perfectly.


Notable songs of the album would be ‘FRONTAL LOBE MUZIK’, ‘LOVE AGAIN’ and ‘ARE YOU OK?’. The ‘FRONTAL LOBE MUZIK’ features Pharell Williams and exudes a more classic hip-hop tune. The ostinato bop used in the song added that flair for an energizing buzz. In this song, Caesar and Williams talks about the juxtaposition of life, before and after fame.

On the other hand, ‘LOVE AGAIN’ finds itself somewhat similar to his other tracks from ‘Freudian’. Featuring Brandy, it brings more of synth and jazz-heavy sounds, perfect for a narrative about past relationships.

And last but not the least, ending the album is ‘ARE YOU OK?’. It perfectly summarizes the whole album itself. It runs for about six and a half minutes, breaking all rules of pop music. The song shows off a slow ballad guitar arrangement partnered with synth pads. The song kind of fades away and goes completely silent for a while before it kicks back with a hip-hop beat. Somehow it reflects on the lyrics itself about Caesar’s thoughts on the unpredictability of fame, relationships, and life.

‘CASE STUDY 01’ by Daniel Caesar surely took it to the next level. So better check out his album on Spotify!

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