On the rise in both the local and international music industry, Cali Soul by Karencitta explores a new sound for her music.

Karencitta steps up her game with the release of her new song, ‘Cali Soul’. And I tell you, ‘Cali Soul’ is quite different from her other original songs. After all the dance-y tunes she had, she tries her luck with a love song. A love song that captures the feeling of how we just wanna run away with the person we love. Away from all the weight of the world while we cradle ourselves with the kind of love that goes beyond the soul bond.

Baby, baby, baby, take me
To a place we could hide away
Nobody know where we gotta go
My love, run away, California Soul

As a Cebuana who grew up in California, ‘Cali Soul’ appears to be more of personal dedication for herself. A while ago, Karencitta announced her engagement with her boyfriend. Indeed, it’s another milestone in her life. A turning point in her life, you could say. If you hadn’t noticed, ‘Cali Soul’ strays far from her usual songs. I mean, Karencitta has always been known for her upbeat and dance-y tunes. From empowerment, patriotism to sexual and passionate love, she knows her way to make it a catchy bop.

Run away with you

However, in ‘Cali Soul’, she toned it down to a ballad-sounding tune. Aside from the romantic melody it has, the song itself talks about love. The kind of love that’s pure, unrequited and romantic. No taints of sexual and heartbreak themes. Just plain old romantic love that we all long for. Karencitta talks about how two souls are meant for each other. And even with all the obstacles in life, holding them back, they’d work it out.

In life, relationships tend to get messy. Inside and outside the relationship. People would try to poke their noses on your business. Some would talk and sometimes, it seems that the world is conspiring to the demise of your love. And with all of those happening, you’d just want to run away with your significant other. Somewhere far away from all the noise. And you’d just have your significant other by your side, with all the time in the world, away from everything that tries to break you down.

We’d all love that feeling, right? In addition to that, it could also mean running to the arms of your loved one. Looking for the consolation of the heart and soul in the arms of the person you loved the most. In fact, it might really relate to Karencitta‘s feelings as she got engaged. How everything will all seem to work out as long as we are with the right person.

No doubt, this is a step ahead to the success of her career. And this new sound in ‘Cali Soul’ only proves how versatile as an artist she can be. So if you love ‘Cali Soul’ and how it resonates with your heart, be sure to listen to it on Spotify!

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