Unique Salonga has just released the new MV for his 2019 single ‘Bukod-Tangi’ last February 7. And if it doesn’t make you want to bop your head along with him, we don’t know what will!

‘Bukod-Tangi’ is Unique Salonga’s latest single, after the release of his previous single ‘Lamang Lupa’ which was released in July of 2019.

So although we say that ‘Bukod-Tangi’ is a bop, it’s not exactly a happy one. You’ll find out what we mean later on. But ICYDK, Unique Salonga was at UP Fair Hiwaga last February 10 where he performed along with other artists signed under O/C Records. And also performed for the Wish 107.5 Bus, which was also on the UP Fairgrounds.

‘Bukod-Tangi’ by Unique Salonga


Unique has always been an enigma to everyone. Especially when he started his music career. But after some time with O/C Records, we’ve seen a piece of him in every song he releases. But this time, he displays a bit more of himself in ‘Bukod-Tangi’.

Definitely a bop, the song doesn’t feature guttural tunes but is instead soaked with a percussion ringing whistle. It comes off as a natural light song with refreshing overtones. But despite the upbeat tunes and soft melody, it betrays you with the sharp-edged lyrics. It talks about how despite being known by a lot of people, it still gets lonely at times. Fame and glory will eventually fade away. But you’d still find yourself wallowing in loneliness, asking yourself whether you’d find yourself whole again.

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And with that being said, let’s move on to the ‘Bukod-Tangi’ MV. It’s actually quite an interesting concept that we’ve never seen done before. It’s a 360-degree music video, and if you look around, it’s just a bunch of Unique’s eating together. And it actually coincides well with the main thought of the song, which is loneliness. It’s like we’re getting a sneak-peek of what it must be like inside his head.

Overall, the ‘Bukod-Tangi’ MV by Unique Salonga feels incredibly personal. But also at the same time very entertaining. Especially when Unique stars nodding his head from side to side, it feels very trippy.

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