Devastating us with the harsh reality of loneliness through a timeless bop, Bukod-Tangi by Unique somehow lives to tell his tale.

Track after track, everyone’s favorite Unique Salonga shares us a piece of him. It might not seem like it. But as you listen hard enough to his new single, ‘Bukod-Tangi’, it’s like looking into the windows of his soul.

O/C Records’ Unique has been nothing but a gem to the booming OPM scene. Unlike his peers, he breaks barriers with odd and out-of-the-ordinary tracks. Straying afar from usual romance tropes, he extends himself in reflecting one’s individuality and emotion through the ambiguous yet authentic tune and lyricism.

For the past few months, we’ve seen his growth in terms of creating top-notch music. Not just the music itself, but also accompanying visuals and how he brands it as something “unique”, apart from everybody else. And his newest single doesn’t stray too far from that narrative.

Bukod ka lagi. – Unique Salonga

‘Bukod-Tangi’ somehow seems familiar to all of us. Now that he’s mentioned the title, we remember an interview we had with him before. Way back during an interview at Fete De La Musique, he once mentioned that as an “odd creature”, they’re set apart from the norm. He didn’t explain the context of his answer but it seems to have a deeper meaning than what we know.

Loneliness behind the centerstage

Unique has always been an enigma to everyone. Especially when he started his music career. But after quite some time, with O/C Records, we’ve seen a piece of him in every song he releases. But this time, he displays a bit more of himself in ‘Bukod-Tangi’.

Definitely a bop, the song doesn’t feature guttural tunes but instead soaks with percussion ringing whistle. It comes off as a natural light song with refreshing overtones. But despite the upbeat tunes and soft melody, it betrays you with the sharp-edged lyrics. It talks about how despite being known by a lot of people, it still gets lonely at times. Fame and glory will eventually fade away. But you’d still find yourself wallowing in loneliness, asking yourself whether you’d find yourself whole again.

The lyrics are pretty daunting. Because you’d be fooled by its sweet, sweet melody. But as you listen to it further, it kicks you with a harsh sense of reality. And it seems like this doesn’t just come off as a wild story. But as something that he relates to himself.

‘Bukod-Tangi’ by Unique is out now on Spotify so better stream it and support him!

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