Buhos by MNTKLYA is their first single out! And I’m telling you, listening to this song would cause overflowing emotions.

Do you love the rain? Because I do. Whether I’m cheery or gloomy for the day, I actually find it relaxing no matter what I’m feeling. If I’m feeling happy, I enjoy it. And if I feel like crying, rain is such a mood. And with Buhos by MNTKLYA out on digital platforms, I bet you’d look forward to the rainy season too… Well, if you can stop thinking about *that* person!

Check out their performance of ‘Buhos’ during the “Dalawa, This Band’s Double Single Launch” at the Music Hall, Metrowalk last February 2.

Ahhhh so LSS with this song. It’s like once you’ve listened to it live, there’s really no going back! That’s why you’ll be stuck watching video performances on Youtube lol. So thank goodness that last week, ‘Buhos’ finally dropped and my heart is so happy.

‘Buhos’ by MNTKYLA

When the rain is pouring down the windowpane or when you’re outside and the cold air wraps around your skin, you can’t help but look back at the moments that used to give you warmth.

Habang patuloy na lumalakas ang buhos ng ulan,

Lalong ‘di parin kita maalis sa isipan

There will be times when we just don’t understand why things have to end and why the ones we love have to walk away from us.

Ang sakit palang umasa sa akala mong meron pa

We even thought it would last, that’s why we try to hold on as long as we could. Because hoping that things can still be fixed or that they’ll come back can’t be helped, right? But the time will come, we realize we just have to let go. That hurts but the world would still go on. Keep in mind that the rain would stop pouring too, and when it does, maybe you could finally stop looking back and stop thinking about the one who chose to walk away.

Make sure to add this to your playlist!

Isn’t Buhos by MNTKLYA just so painful? What do you think of this single? Can you relate? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We want to know how this song broke your heart!

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