This February, BTS will be making their most-awaited comeback. To tease the ARMY, an MV for ‘Outro: Ego‘ serving as their comeback trailer was released.

There is just no stopping BTS in conquering the charts, award shows, and trending lists. We just made an article about them last week about having a collab with American singer-songwriter Lauv and now, they are making headlines because of their very own upcoming comeback. After all, although already successful internationally, they still belong to the bustling and competitive K-pop industry.

Today, as part of their promotion for their Map of the Soul: 7” album, BTS had just released the comeback trailer for “Outro: Ego“! Check it out below.

J-Hope for ‘Outro: Ego’

As we can see in the amazing video below, “Outro: Ego” features BTS‘s very own talented rapper and main dancer Jung Hoseok, better known as J-Hope. There is no denying this guy’s own individual strengths and so, it is nice that the music video let him shine without restrictions.

He has a very special charisma that speaks out to us too as if encouraging us to go after our dreams ourselves. As some of the translated lyrics in the song say, “look ahead, the way is shining. Keep going now.

Moreover, the track itself is an amazing dance song, effectively making us groove to it from time to time. Plus, it serves as a glimpse of the overall “Map of the Soul: 7” album, which apparently talks about the challenges and triumphs that all of the members of BTS have gone through over the past seven years. Just watching and listening to “Ego”, we know that again, BTS has a new surprise waiting for all of us.

Giving us something new every time… they just never disappoint, eh?

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