Smooth pop and R&B group BRWN drops their fifth single “Stars” today.


From the band that gave us the oh-so-good groove through their hits So Good and Fall In Love With You, comes a brand-new track that will restore our faith in love. As their fifth single, Stars carries their unique, acid-jazzy, soulful, R&B-ish musical style but offers a fresh, anthemic element with it.

On Stars

Written almost three years ago, ‘Stars’ was originally composed by the band’s vocalist Max Antonio Guerrero for a couple’s wedding. He shares:  “Our band played this song at their wedding. They loved it and they used it as their first dance as man and wife. Basically, the song is their love story.” The singer-songwriter even expounded on the song’s identity by stating, “Stars is about a love that’s destined to happen. Two people who were able to conquer everything because their love was their destiny.” 


Everything that I am, is yours ’til the end.

‘Cause I am born, I’m born to be your man,”

Aside from not adding to a growing pile of songs that cause the hopeless romantics to diss the concept of love, ‘Stars’ is also an artistic testimony of how exceptional the band is, their outstanding musicality as a group and individually. ‘Stars’ is an eargasmic treat that comprises of and highlights Max’s stunning vocals, Migs Raneses’ guitar solo, and the perfectly timed entrance of Stanley Seludo’s drums and Norman Peradilla’s bass.

BRWN’s international appearance


BRWN is on a whole new level now. At the Asian Song Festival 2019, the four-piece band was our country’s representative to perform along with KPOP mainstays and other notable artists in Asia.

For BRWN, the challenge has always been pushing your limits, which is a very timely message a lot of young people need to hear today. Growth can be hardly obtained when you don’t step out of your comfort zone. You need to constantly challenge yourself, try something new. Check out BRWN’s music and see how they’ve evolved over the years. That’s what you’ll get when you do it the BRWN way.

BRWN’s Stars can now be streamed on Spotify and iTunes.

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