LATEST DROP: Brooklyn by Carousel Casualties

Take a long biting whiff of pain and longing as Brooklyn by Carousel Casualties leads the way to another heartbreak.

Through the endless positivity brought by Carousel Casualties, they now continue their streak in breaking our aching hearts. Their newest single, ‘Brooklyn’ does sound strange at first take. But as it perches between the thin line of hopelessly waiting and acceptance, all we can say is it guarantees pain.

Carousel Casualties has brought forth a series of harmonic melodies of love. There’s no denying it, their songs are always a bop. But as they transition to a new path, they forge a new sound and a new narrative to tell. And this time, they focus everyone’s a guilty pleasure in all romance: heartbreak. Not that they intend to hurt us. But their newest single, ‘Brooklyn’ is soaked with sadness that neither their strong percussions and resonant guitar riffs and bass lines can’t hide.


Unlike their previous songs, ‘Brooklyn’ isn’t as vibrant as the others. It doesn’t feature dancey tunes like ‘Margarita‘. Nor does it have the crisp symphony of ‘Leona’ and ‘San Junipero’. However, it packs a punch with its own version of the truth. While it talks about longing and waiting for someone, there’s this itching thought of waiting in vain behind the lyrics. It trickles like a bittersweet syrup, waiting to be tasted, only to leave you on edge with the straining thought of a failed romance.

It’s nothing but honest and wounded. Tired from the waiting game, yet trying to keep things alive with the belief that it will get better. That despite the distance, the fire is still lit. And that’s the moment where you’ll find yourself reassessing your thoughts and decisions.

It slowly builds the momentum then bangs with a strong percussion. But then dies down after the chorus. Then gradually builds up. Then leaves you hanging. Just like the cleverly-written lyrics accompanying it.

In case you haven’t heard of it, be sure to stream ‘Brooklyn’ by Carousel Casualties on Spotify.

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