Recently, Jensen Gomez gave us some new and chill music with two singles, namely: Brand New Man and Chasing.

Jensen Gomez, singer-songwriter and vocalist for the band ‘Jensen and the Flips’, has recently dropped some of his new music. After his first double single last July titled ‘Hangin / Init’, he is coming back with a second one, ‘Brand New Man / Chasing’.

Check the two tracks out below.

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Brand New Man

Jensen Gomez’s first single for this double single is titled ‘Brand New Man’. At first listen, it has that chill vibe that you can listen to on long and rainy road trips. It really makes us feel relaxed.

However, there seems to be a bit of vocal distortion done and to be frank, we are not a fan of it. It makes the voice sound rough and the lyrics kinda hard to understand. As a result, it was hard to enjoy repeatedly.

Overall though, still a good song!


For us, ‘Chasing’ is the better of the two. In fact, it was even included in U Do U‘s very own Weekly Top 10 songs. It is more upbeat than ‘Brand New Man’ and it even loosely reminds us of a John Mayer song.

Compared to ‘Brand New Man’ which somehow reminds us of rainy road trip days, ‘Chasing’ makes us feel like we’re on a wild adventure on the road. We can imagine the sunroof being open as we are happily dancing under the heat.

The rough vocal distortion is still there, but it greatly compliments the funky beat of the instruments.

Overall, ‘Brand New Man / Chasing’ is a very interesting double single. As we said, the former was a little bit hard to enjoy, but eventually we found ourselves listening to it again and again. Moreover, ‘Chasing’ is really the bomb.

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