Sick and tired of playing games? You ought to know if the romance is worth it with Body Crashes by Rhian Ramos!

Flirting with someone is easy. But you get to the point of determining the label between your unpredictable relationship, it gets damn messy. Especially when the other person isn’t ready to commit to a relationship just yet. And Rhian Ramos’ single ‘Body Crashes’ narrates how emotions collide, trying to pretend that everything can be okay.

Rhian Ramos is a well-known actress in the local showbiz industry. But aside from being an all-around actress, she’s got a wonderful voice. It was way back in 2009 when we last heard of her own music. But this time, it looks like she’s coming back to showcase more her God-given talent in singing.

And she doesn’t disappoint in ‘Body Crashes’. Hearing her singing voice is different shows how versatile her voice range can be.

Body Crashes

Secret glances

don’t know who’s at fault

lets just keep pretending

this is magic, body crashes

This electro-RnB anthem resonates with people who find themselves wanting more in a relationship. Something more than just fleeting romance or companionship during cold, lonely nights. When you find yourself wanting more, that’s the time you want to determine the label of a relationship. Or whatever it is called. But instead of confronting it head on, you’d just stay idle. Because you don’t want it to end.

Of course, you want to make it official. But the thought of ending something good, something picture-perfect isn’t something that you can risk. Like a drug to your system, he or she is your favorite sin. You’d rather stay in the limbo state of your relationship than risk losing them altogether.

Anyway, if you can relate to ‘Body Crashes’ by Rhian Ramos, then stream it on Spotify!

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