Try not to chase your heartbeats as The Riot Melody drops ‘Blood Fountain’!

What does Riot mean? A quick Google search will give you “a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.” Well, The Riot Melody just dropped their latest single ‘Blood Fountain’, and indeed our peace was disturbed (a welcome disturbance, in that case)!
Go listen to it right here:

The Riot Melody

Here’s what we know about the band so far: one, they play alternative rock and post-hardcore, and two, the band has 5 members. Those 5 are Gabriel Grimaldo, Tristan Iraula, Kyle Guce, Elijah Niccolli Zamora, and Kenji Valdez.

Blood Fountain

‘Blood Fountain’ is the first single they released off of their new EP ‘Stars and Scars’. If we’re gonna be honest, the name “stars and scars” presents a nice polarity between the two words, one being shiny and heavenly, and one being a painful remnant of past wounds. Is my interpretation too emo? I think not.

In the same way, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a song titled ‘Blood Fountain’? It would make you uncomfortable if you actually imagine a fountain but instead of water it spits out blood. The song can be interpreted in various ways, but no, the gore isn’t one of them. The song is actually about an escape, seemingly urging the listeners to run away from a chaotic town.

Chasing heartbeats, tracing scars
Baby, it’s over now, we can escape this town
Let’s burn these bridges down
If you think about it, the words to this song might be pointing us to the toxicity of our everyday lives and urging us to run away from the chaos that is today’s society. If I’m going to be a romantic, I’d say this song can also mean two lovers running away from people’s opinions—a ‘you and me against the world’ kind of theme.
The symbolism is huge on the lyrics of this song, and we would not be one to decode it. Just like a bell’s ring can be heard in a thousand different volumes depending on where you are, a song can speak to each listener in different ways.
Even with great lyrics, The Riot Melody did not run short on great musicality. Keep your ears peeled on the guitar riffs and percussions! All these combined had us ensnared in this bittersweet symphony that is ‘Blood Fountain’.

The Riot Melody made us want to run away with them just listening to this song! What do you think about’Blood Fountain’? Let us know in the comment section below after you listen to it or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!