BLACKPINK has been the talk of the town recently because of their absence in the K-pop world. Honestly, we truly miss them.

With all the drama concerning BLACKPINK and their entertainment company YG, we have just been missing the girls more and more. We all agree that they’re not getting the proper exposure they deserve as idols, and it’s such a shame considering they’re one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world.

So when earlier today one of the group’s members posted on Instagram about uploading a Christmas song cover, we truly squealed from excitement. And who may it be but none other than BLACKPINK’s main vocalist, ROSÉ?

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오늘 밤 6시🌲

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Even though we were robbed this year of ROSÉ’s supposedly solo comeback, we honestly felt that anything could do at this point. And to suffice, she truly did not disappoint. In fact, it’s honestly one of the best things we have heard in a while.


In case you haven’t heard it yet or just want to listen to it again with us, here’s the video where BLACKPINK‘s ROSÉ beautifully sings Nat King Cole’s ‘The Christmas Song’.

So undeniably beautiful, right? Because of this excruciatingly short cover, we again remember why ROSÉ is BLACKPINK‘s main vocalist and why she is one of the most talented K-pop idols out there. Now as we speak,  is trending on Twitter. Just read some of the overjoyed fans below.

Likewise, we could fully relate to these BLINKs just appreciating this beautiful masterpiece of a cover. So everyone let’s say in hana, dul, set: thank you for this Christmas gift, ROSÉ!

What do you think of ROSÉ’s cover of the Nat King Cole classic? Are you looking forward to her upcoming solo? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.