Get a taste of dreadful wishful thinking as Bituin by Sugarcane fills you in with the reality through a playful melody.

Pain has always been one of the greatest driving emotions of a great song. Along with a soulful and listless melody, it’s part of a formula that never gets old. It never does. But sometimes, we need to take a bite of that reality from a positive outlook. And ‘Bituin’ by Sugarcane shows off that pain can be served in an energetic buzz without compromising the raw and radical lyricism.

The six-piece band Sugarcane hails from parts unknown. But these young men bring forth a new taste of love to everyone’s palette. They have been in the music community for quite some time now. And to make it official, they dropped their debut single, ‘Bituin’.

A cleverly-written song about distasteful separations

Sa pangarap na lang kaya kita mahahakgan

Bawat kislap ng mga bituin 

Sa langit kita’y matatanaw

Ang pag-ibig na hinagad sayo’y

Hanggang pangarap na lang

Siguro’y sa pangarap na lang

Aside from being cleverly-written, the sound of ‘Bituin’ is harmonically-rich. The mixture of jazzy overtones and rhythmic classic OPM rock works perfectly to their advantage. Despite being percussion-soaked, it ain’t over-compressed. The textured tunes play out the perfect playful song. It ain’t a headbanger but a bop.

On the other hand, the lyricism breathes life into the story it aims to tell. Despite the upbeat tune, the lyrics sing a different song. It tackles the sad truth of letting go of someone we love. Because of reasons that you can’t comprehend. And all you do is try to move forward. But you’d find yourself thinking about them. And no strong emotions or love can bring you together once more. Just like a star in the sky, all you can do is watch and admire them from afar.

‘Bituin’ by Sugarcane is already out on Spotify so be sure to show your support!

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