Just in time for the cold snuggle weather, Bitaw by Rocksteddy hits the spotlight! So all the SMPs (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko), this is the right song to match the cold lonely nights!

Who is to blame for a failed relationship, the nagkulang or the bumitaw? That is the question that Teddy Corpuz of Rocksteddy asked just a few minutes before dropping Rocksteddy’s latest song, “Bitaw”.

And we know you’re excited as much as we are. So without further ado, check the lyric video of “Bitaw” by Rocksteddy and feel the pain of letting go or being left behind now!

Hear that? That’s the sound of hearts breaking (huhuhu). But kidding aside, you can really feel the 2000’s nostalgia with the lyric video. Talk about #throwback feels right?

Rocksteddy is another familiar household name in the OPM industry whose name still rings a bell. Way back around 2000-ish, a lot of us bopped our heads to their ‘Boy Kulot’ and ‘Superhero’, the Super Inggo TV soundtrack. They were known for their variety of songs, ranging from upbeat and funny ones to painful breakup songs.

Despite being a bit dormant over the few years, they have been always one of our go-to’s whenever we need our daily dose of nostalgic hopeless romantic feels. And with ‘Bitaw’, it only proves that Rocksteddy is still out there, delivering tearjerker songs for the broken heart.

And how ’bout this for a painful poll, right?

‘Bitaw’ features the pain of someone left behind in a relationship (ouch!) and replaced by someone else (double ouch!). It’s quite relatable, to be honest. The song shows the blame game that happens in a relationship, especially for the one who gets left behind. It’s all about the pain of somehow being the victim of a failed relationship where you don’t know what has gone wrong.

Hindi na rin kailangan pang

Magpaliwag kung di na tumatagos ang salita

Nakakapagod din pala

Paikot-ikot lang naman, paulit-ulit lang ulit

We know right! Everyone knows how painful it is to get lied to. It’s just tiring.

The release of the song, in partner with the poll that Teddy posted on his Twitter account, @teddspotting, garnered a lot of attention, especially those relating to the lyrics of the song. The song really hit a spot in the heart, if you get what we mean!

Here are some of the answers that Teddy got from his poll:

Fresh, hot drama! Straight from a heartbroken’s side, coming right up!

If you can’t get enough of the major drama of ‘Bitaw’ by Rocksteddy, check their music vlog for more of the fans’ reaction with their latest song. Or just feel free to drop by their Youtube channel to see more of their songs! Keep it on repeat for your next lonely December nights!

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