Sultry yet romantic, ‘Binhi’ by Arthur Nery might just be the song to warm up our cold nights! It’s now out on Spotify!

“Tahan na, sumandal ka.” Okay, Arthur, you got us there. Arthur Nery just released his second single called ‘Binhi’ and it is everything we need right now. Get right into the feel of it by watching Arthur perform it live!

Arthur Nery

Having started with an English song called ‘Life Puzzle’ (which was an amazing song if I do say so myself), we got excited as to what other flavors he can bring onto the table. And now we have it! Based in Quezon City, Arthur is a solo artist under O/C Records and his claim to fame is his sexy, sultry voice and a very impressive vocal range. He also has a voice that is very distinct, the type that when you hear the song even without looking at who the singer is, you know that it’s definitely Arthur.

Over time, Arthur has really created a sound that is his own and that is unique to him.


‘Life Puzzle’ had us all crashing the repeat button for days. But ‘Binhi’ is a different thing. Similarly, it’s a love song, yes. But this one tingles the senses in every good way! Arthur’s vocals are great, as usual, but hearing him sing something that is purely Tagalog somehow sounds more romantic and sultry. Hands down, listening to this song can get you smiling through a bad day.

The song might have that very romantic vibe to it, but don’t be fooled. If you look into the lyrics, you’d see that this song actually means something else. From what I understand, the singer is actually telling the girl that they’d still break up even if they force to get back to how they were, so there’s no sense in crying about it all. That all she has to do is stop crying and stay with him for even for a while. It’s romantic, yes, but it’s so much more heartbreaking, to say the least.

At kahit na, ipilit ko mang ibalik pa ang dati

Tayo’y mawawala parin

Kaya tahan na,

Sumandal ka

Hayaan mo na aking pag laruan

Apoy ng iyong labi o paraluman

You can stream ‘Binhi’ on Spotify, too! It’s a song you should add to your playlist. We promise you won’t regret it.

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