4th up from Ed Sheeran’s new collaborative album, he gives us ‘Best Part of Me’ featuring YEBBA and we’re all swooning over it!

Ed Sheeran promised us collaborative tracks, and he did not fail to deliver! He now released the fourth single off of his fourth album, ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’, and it is making us all swoon! The song is called ‘Best Part of Me’. Check out this awesome lyric video that Ed released!

Ed Sheeran x YEBBA

This is the first track for which Ed chose a female vocal to blend with him in the album, and frankly, we think it’s a brilliant choice. Mainly because ‘Best Part of Me’ tackles the intimacy of just loving each other in the relationship, the message couldn’t have been delivered in a better way. Abbey Smith, or more popularly known by her screen name YEBBA is an award-winning singer, so it definitely was not a mistake choosing her. Aside from her already great voice, the way hers and Ed’s voice just merges into one breathtaking harmony is just splendid.

Best Part of Me

Being the 4th single off of Ed’s 4th album, ‘Best Part of Me’ definitely does not fall short of all the other tracks released so far. although this is a collaborative song, it is not unnoticeable how this gives off the classic Ed Sheeran flavor. And of course, it’s Ed Sheeran, so we can only expect the songwriting to be exceptional! Of the 5 songs released from ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’ so far, this was the only one for which he collaborated with a female vocal.

If we’re talking about great songwriting, I think it’s time we all acknowledge the fact that the meaning of the song and how the idea of relationships was presented had us all falling in love all over again. ‘Best Part of Me’ talks about acknowledging one’s imperfections and being thankful that someone loves you despite it all. Sometimes we forget to love ourselves. But then somebody comes along and loves us, flaws and all, and teaches us how to. The lyrics are pretty intimate and it talks about physical situations we experience on a daily basis which most songs would shy away from, drawing romance from the very little things. With this, ‘Best Part of Me’ discusses relationships in any way but pretentious.

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