LATEST DROP: Ben&Ben New Singles

Short summer romances are out! With Ben&Ben’s new singles, Araw-Araw and Pagtingin, they prove that passionate love is still in the air!

Ben&Ben gives us a sneak peek of their debut album, ‘Limasawa Street’! The band dropped 2 carrier singles entitled ‘Araw-Araw’ and ‘Pagtingin’ earlier this week. Both songs are tell-tales of how love is in it’s purest, untainted form. You’d definitely fall in love with the idea of love with the songs. And it only goes to show that Limasawa Street has a lot to offer once it gets released. Ben&Ben is surely on fire this time.

The 9 -piece folk-pop band has captured hearts of a lot of Filipinos with their melodic love songs. And once again, they’re at it with Limasawa Street’s 2 carrier singles. There’s no surprise that the two singles exude the signature folk sound of the band. But that’s not the only thing great at them. The songwriting definitely shows a clash of bardic and vernacular word plays that everyone can relate to. Even if you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll surely fall in love with love. The songs would make you want to fall in love and experience a love so untainted and passionate.


Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw
Ang nadarama sayo’y manlinaw

‘Araw-Araw’ reminds us to choose the person we love every day. It tells us that the person we love is our home. Romance, particularly relationships can be tedious and overworking. People say that the longer it goes, the sparks die down. It eventually happens. But that’s how it usually goes. But despite that, even losing the spark, the excitement and thrill, find it in your heart to choose that person every day. Because they are home. We might see the excitement in other people but at the end of the day, home is where we belong.

It’s quite fitting these days, the concept of ‘Araw-Araw.’ They think that once that certain spark dies down, it’s the end. But it’s not. The comfort, the stability and nurturing love we find in the arms of the people we love is precious and takes a long time to build. And sometimes we overlook that fact.


Pag nilahad ang damdamin

Sana ‘di magbago ang pagtingin

Aminin ang mga lihim

Sana ‘di magbago ang pagtingin

Unlike the ballad melody of ‘Araw-Araw’, ‘Pagtingin’ seems to be the complete opposite. It gives more of an upbeat tempo, with a propulsive rhythmic vibe. The bass lines provide that groove while violin and keys add the folk feels alright. It’s a great combination, to be honest. Aside from the difference in the music arrangement, the tone of the song is much lighter. The songwriting is quite vernacular at some parts, too, unlike the usual Ben&Ben songs. It’s quite refreshing actually.

‘Pagtingin’ talks about a confession of love. It captures the mixed feelings and thoughts we have when we fall for someone. That feeling of wanting to say a lot of things but never having the courage to. The creeping fear of getting played or getting taken for granted for. Or worse losing that person in the process. It’s relatable and surely hits close to the heart, if you ask me.

Even these two songs are exceptional, to say the least. It shows two sides of Ben&Ben, the one that we’ve all love and a new one that’s about to emerge. It just makes us excited for the release of their debut album ‘Limasawa Street’. So while waiting for the official announcement of the release, be sure to stream ‘Araw-Araw’ and ‘Pagtingin’ by Ben&Ben at Spotify!

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