Expectations were high before the release of their latest single, ‘Di Ka Sayang,’ and Ben&Ben did not disappoint.

Upon gracing streaming platforms, the track immediately trended at #1 worldwide on Twitter. It was all thanks to their fans, who felt heard and appreciated by the song’s touching message, and commended the band for a yet-another piece that speaks to the heart of a generation that’s generally haunted by insecurities.

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In addition to that, ‘Di Ka Sayang’ notched the number 1 spot on Spotify Philippines’ Top 10 overall chart upon its release– an impressive-yet-expected feat for the award-winning nine-piece collective.

Following its well-received debut, Ben&Ben released the music video which follows the band as they perform the new smash hit in a Kintsugi-inspired setting. Kintsugi, known as the art of resilience, is a Japanese art dealing with the repair of broken pottery by putting the pieces together again using real gold powder. This ancient technique is a long process, taking weeks, months, and even years to finish– something that philosophers saw as symbolic of human healing and resilience.


Coincidentally, Ben&Ben’s latest masterpiece is an anthem that honors self-love and embracing one’s flaws. ‘Di Ka Sayang,’ as many listeners would agree, sends a powerful message about seeking beauty in the cracks of our own vessel– how our brokenness shouldn’t be an enemy but rather as an integral part of our identity we should be proud of.

Paolo Benjamin, the band vocalist and guitarist, details how the Kintsugi-themed visual accompaniment came about. He reveals that the concept came from their production designer, Ms. Dianne Khu.

During the planning of the video, things came together in a very organic kind of way and we thought it fit the concept perfectly,” Paolo said in a statement. “Kintsugi is the Japanese art of piecing together broken parts of pottery with gold glue. By doing this, brokenness is made whole in a way that is much better than it previously was. Our percussionist Andrew even has a tattoo of ‘wabi-sabi,’ which is the Japanese philosophy of accepting and finding meaning in the imperfections in life and nature. We really saw Kintsugi as a powerful way to represent self-acceptance.”

‘Di Ka Sayang’ couldn’t have arrived at a more appropriate time. With the pandemic crisis and all the other challenges that came by, the last several months have been mentally and emotionally taxing. And as we near the end of this terrible year, many of us are still on the path of recovery with no certainty that we will be fully healed. Suffice it to say that we all needed a reminder that things will get better, and Ben&Ben just gave us that– as they did before when they said, “Things will soon grow from the bareness of trees.”

Miguel Benjamin adds that even the band is having a hard time coping. “This year has been the toughest year for many people from our generation, and a lot of us are in this state wherein a lot of plans, dreams, hopes, and goals were compromised, cancelled or rather ‘sayang,’” the vocalist/guitarist points out. “Even for us personally as a band, we had a hard time dealing with these same struggles. What we wanted to share, however, is that we are never alone in our hardships, and that there is still hope in a better tomorrow.”

Ben&Ben is set to release a special BBTV episode on their YouTube channel, which to date has more than 1.2 million subscribers. The award-winning nine-piece collective will also be performing at Wishbus Exclusive on November 12 (Thursday).

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