LATEST DROP: Bawat Kaluluwa Music Video – IV of Spades

You thought it ends with an album release? Of course not! Because the Bawat Kaluluwa Music Video of IV of Spades is here!

Bawat Kaluluwa Music Video of IV of Spades dropped Sunday, January 20. Two days after they surprised everyone with their debut album’s release, IV of Spades is not giving us time to breathe!

Their single ‘Bawat Kaluwawa’ is one of my favorites from their album ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!’. That’s why the MV gave such excitement! Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it now!

Not only is this single such a great track to listen to. But it’s very deep and meaningful. Listening to ‘Bawat Kaluluwa’, I got to my own interpretation of it. For me, it talks of how you’ve been imprisoned to beliefs or a path that was orchestrated for you as a child and there’s no way of attaining control as you get old. Everything is going to ruins, and this song resonates negativity and darkness. However, as the song progress, it will also shed a bit of light that maybe, there can be hope if you just keep on trying.

‘Bawat Kaluluwa’ MV

A full-on aesthetic that’s so pleasing to watch! IV of Spades performing on a big stage with such great production screams great cinematography. Every scene that the boys appear on is like unwrapping new presents. You’ll enjoy every scene because of the execution of their performance.

Meaningful plot!

But besides that, the MV is not only good to look at. The story encapsulated in the 4-minute video is beautiful as well. Some, at a young age, gets to discover their passion and knows at that very moment they want that to be their future. In the MV, the protagonist is passionate about arts.

However, life moves in a different way and we don’t always get to pursue what we want. In a country like ours, professions that are looked up to are in the field of medicine, engineering, architecture, etc. Sadly, arts is frowned upon whether that’s fine arts, music, philosophy or literature.

In the case of the ‘Bawat Kaluluwa’ music video, I would assume that the character wasn’t able to pursue his passion for arts. Because as a child, he was given the mindset like most of us that the said fields mentioned earlier are the ones that should be pursued.

As the MV progresses, it shows that he was haunted by someone who looks just like him in the woods. It can mean that he is being haunted by his own passion—wanting to be followed and wanting to be caught. Like an aggressive reminder that the talent is there and shouldn’t be tucked away.

Wala ka ng magagawa
Patuloy mong sisirain
Basahin bawat kaluluwa
Bangungot ng panaginip
Ang magpapagising

It’s hard tho, even if you want to chase it. For some, it can be too late. But if you keep on trying, maybe you can still break free from the cage you’ve been imprisoned on.

Listen to ‘Bawat Kaluluwa’ now!

What’s your interpretation of Bawat Kaluluwa Music Video of IV of Spades? Tell me! What do you think of the overall production? Share it on the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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