IV of Spades’ Bata, Dahan-dahan MV is what you need to watch right now!

The Bata, Dahan-dahan MV is finally here, and it looks like a mini movie! Do we love it? Two thumbs up!

With their endless strokes of creativity and freshness, this trio continues to become icons in the OPM scene. And this Bata, Dahan-dahan is one of the most-awaited music video releases this year, if only for how people received the singe. And we’ve heard it in their music, we’ve seen it in the the way they dress—there’s just no way we wouldn’t admire that kind of boldness and uniqueness. *Aww Unique*

Why does it feel like a mini movie, you ask?  Bata, Dahan-dahan is filled with meaning and depth. Not to mention, this music video’s  artistic direction gives it that must-see factor.

Want to see what we’re talking about for yourseld? Bring out some popcorn, ladies and gents. Let’s indulge ourselves with another IV of Spades masterpiece!

Much like most of their songs, this track offers us some sort food for thought with their deep-rooted lyrics. Bata, Dahan-dahan gives the much needed advice. Especially for those of us who are struggling right now.

Bata, Dahan-dahan MV Highlights

If you were to go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you say? This is the type of usual questions that pop up in our minds when we’re reminded of our experiences growing up. Not to mention, there’s also the feeling of regret. And that’s what actually gives us the idea to go back in the past to prevent the bad experiences from happening in the first place.

In the music video, we see the trio with their younger selves, depicted in almost the same way. And before we move on to describing what else the video is about, can we just say how adorable it is that they got to cast adorable young versions of themselves!

Going back, IV of Spades‘ cinematic scenes just capture how much they mean in their lyrics. Every scene was well-crafted to express a certain kind of experience or issue that we have within ourselves.

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We definitely hope to see more of this, ’cause we’re totally hooked on it like it’s a good old series!

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And since we know one IV of Spades song isn’t enough to get us going, we’ll need plenty. So we got their top tracks for you right here.

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