During uncertain times, a positive perspective always does the trick.


That’s one of the major things you can pick up from Barbie Almalbis’ latest track “Iyong-Iyo,” coming off her upcoming fourth studio album. Released today, March 13, 2020, this light, alt-pop sound was meant to be uplifting and inspirational as it portrays the story of the songwriter’s family cook, who battled a life-threatening disease but was able to pull through.

For Bing-Bing

Almalbis shares:

“This song is about Esperanza ‘Bing-Bing’ Maaño, our cook, who’s been in our family for a long time and even married our driver, Dandy. She suddenly fell very ill last year due to a diabetes complication and her medicines were not working.

Also, according to Barbie, Bing-Bing had to undergo amputation surgery, which put their faith in God to the ultimate test.

She recounts:

“While being wheeled into the operating room, she had many fears but suddenly felt peace as she surrendered everything to God. Thankfully, she had a successful surgery and recovered well, and after months of rehabilitation, she learned to walk again with a prosthetic leg.”

On Iyong-Iyo

Photo by Chealsy Dale

Barbie co-wrote Iyong-Iyo with her partner Martin Honasan. Bing-Bing’s story of determination and humility inspired the musical couple to write and produce the song.

The artist behind High and Ambon also credited “Iyong-Iyo” to Magic Montano, who did the recording, Nikko Rivera (keyboard), Jonard Bolor (drums), and Rommel dela Cruz (bass). “The main rhythm section was recorded live, and we did overdubs for vocals and guitars. I also recorded backing vocals at my home studio,” Barbie added.

“Iyong-Iyo” can now be streamed on various digital platforms worldwide.

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