Whoever said bangs is old school truly doesn’t know what a great hairstyle it is. And with that being said, let’s all give a round of applause for Bangs Not Dead by RIOT!

Bangs Not Dead by RIOT single and music video truly shows how this band is a fan of bangs. I mean c’mon, just look at their hairstyle! With their new single out, it seems like this year’s trending hairdo for men would be bangs.

Is this the new pogi? Let’s find out through the MV!

Okay, hold up. The beginning almost gave me a heart attack! Kudos to the director of the music video and the vocalist of the band, Jo Puangco, for getting my attention from the start until the end of the video.


We have a new set of pogis in town! The RIOT is a new punk-rock band I’ve got my eyes one. It is a 5-piece band composed of Johnny Riot (vocals), Moi PQ (bass), Robin Tagalog (guitars), Jaime Abella (guitar), and Ryan Tabag (drums).

‘Bangs Not Dead’

Lakas ng dating, andaming tumitingin

It’s a declaration of 2019 being the “Year of the Bangs”! Do you agree? Well, the music video and the lyrics of the song is very much persuading the audience. And maybe, this could be the new “pogi” look! Or maybe you don’t have the suaveness of the RIOT to pull it off. We’ll never know, the only way to finding out is trying the bangs look for yourself!

And is it just me or is RIOT making me feel nostalgic with their ‘Bangs Not Dead’ MV? It’s like I’m being transported back to OPM rock band days in the early 2000s. Swabe and maangas. That’s the impression that RIOT imprinted on me with their single!

If I were you, I’d go and follow these very pogi boys pulling off their bangs hairstyle! You can check their Facebook page, Instagram, and Youtube channel!

Of course, give them some love by listening to their other songs on Spotify!

What do you think of Bangs Not Dead by RIOT? Do you agree with their single? Is it a thumbs up for the “year of the bangs”? Share it with us in the comment section below! Or do hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We want to know your thoughts!