LATEST DROP: BamBamBam Music Video – Karencitta

The BamBamBam Music Video of Karencitta was out last week. And it’ll definitely make you regret missing the Sinulog Festival!

Have you ever been to the cultural and religious festival in Cebu City called Sinulog? Well if you’ve been to the great festivity once or you’re from there, then you’d know why the BamBamBam Music Video of Karencitta is such a refreshing thing to watch!

And if you’re one of the unfortunates (poor you) who have not had the chance to chant “Prititit!” at Cebu, then maybe this MV will make you mark your calendars for Sinulog on January 2020!

Karencitta didn’t wave goodbye to 2018 without rocking her hips. She just had to release a new single that can make our bodies go bam bam bam to the tune!

I’ve been to Sinulog once and I’m telling you, the experience was amazing! I’ve been dreading to go again for two years already but sadly, I haven’t had the chance. That’s why the ‘BamBamBam’ MV was such a fun thing to watch and at the same time, nostalgic and frustrating.

At the start of the MV, you could see Karencitta interacting with her fans along Fuente Osmeña and Mango Square. After the beautiful Sinulog parade, it has been a tradition to head off to Mango Square, Fuente Osmeña or Baseline to party until late at night. If you’ve been to Cebu either for a normal vacation or for the festival, the setting for the music video would be familiar to you.

And of course, it’s not a Karencitta music video without her lit dance moves, right? Joining her dance at the popular spots for the Sinulog Festival are great dancers showing off their ‘BamBamBam’ merch! What’s best about this music video is how Karencitta truly showcased her roots and gave pride in being Cebuana.

Lovin’ ‘BamBamBam’? It’s up on Spotify!

What do you think of Karencitta’s BamBamBam music video? Did you feel the spirit of Sinulog Festival and Cebu City? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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