Have you listened to BamBamBam by Karencitta already? Well, you better do! And rest assured your body would go bam bam bam to this new track!

This Cebuana girl is making waves again, no shocker there! After the release of her hit single ‘Cebuana’, Karencitta has been making it big in the Philippine rap scene. BamBamBam by Karencitta dropped before 2018 ended. And I’m telling you, this should’ve been in your New Year’s Eve party playlist!

Haven’t listened to ‘BamBamBam’ yet? No worries, I gotchu! Here’s the official lyric video:

Cebu is my go-to place. Whether I just wanna go on a vacation or escape the chaotic Metro Manila, Cebu is really the place for me! Who wouldn’t go crazy with their numerous beautiful islands, right? When I first heard of Karencitta’s ‘BamBamBam’, I immediately missed the beaches of Cebu.

The islands of Cebu has two sides—the serene and quiet side where you could relax and enjoy the island and of course the second side… it’s not Cebu without its parties! And ‘BamBamBam’ by Karencitta takes you to both sides!

It would make you imagine the sand on your feet, the sound of the waves crashing, and the very refreshing blow of the wind. It can also take you to the nightlife of the island. The cold night air, the laughter of the locals and tourists, and the way the island music surges through you.

And is it just me or is this song not only suitable for indoor parties and events but also beach parties? Because I could definitely picture myself with salty hair and sun-kissed skin pumping to ‘BamBamBam’ by Karencitta in an island party!

What I also like about ‘BamBamBam’ is that even though you don’t speak the dialect, there’s still a big room for appreciation! So if you liked this new track, you might love her other songs:

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