SUD’s newest song, ‘Baliw’ is nothing but a pure declaration of love!

When you listen to this song, it’s like SUD is declaring their love for you and we totally accept! We are absolutely in love with this song! ‘Baliw’ by SUD is a song you can definitely put on repeat for weeks and not get sick of it. Sud, you’ve made us baliw for this song!


So just a little background for those who may be living under the hypothetical rock of mainstream music. This indie alternative-soul band is composed of Sud Ballecer (vocals and guitar), Raisa Racelis (bass), Jimbo Cuenco (drums), Kohl Aguilar (keyboard), and Carlos Dela Fuente (saxophone). And they are known for their hits like ‘Sila’, ‘Di Makatulog’, and their rendition of ‘Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin’.



Listening to ‘Baliw’ was like picturing ourselves coming home at night after a great date. And just laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, reliving the events of the day. And just brimming with the realization that “wow! I’m crazy about this person!” And that’s just how SUD made us feel with their newest song. As always the symphony of the saxophone and the drums continue to blow us away, as it provides a beautiful stage to Sud Ballecer’s voice. ‘Baliw’ by SUD is a song that makes us feel good about falling-in-love again. Dedicate this song to your special someone and stream it now on Spotify!

Since their last single release ‘Headlinghts’ back in April, we feel like SUD has been building us up for this new unapologetically hopeful sound. Because ‘Headlights’ didn’t break our hearts last time but instead built us up for the possibility of having love again. And they have delivered just that with ‘Baliw’.

What do you think about their new song ‘Baliw’? Have you ever felt so head-over-heels crazy in love about someone before? Share with us your stories and thoughts in the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.