Just wish them happiness together, even if it hurts that they are your best friend and ex. That is the message of I Belong to the Zoo’s latest release, ‘Balita‘.

We all know that recently, I Belong to the Zoo has been touching the hearts of many with their relatable music. ‘Sana’, ‘Balang Araw‘, and now ‘Balita’—how long will they keep us longing and emotional? If you haven’t heard this yet though, you are honestly missing out! But don’t worry because we got you as always.

Moreover, a music video for the single has just been recently released, one which was written and produced by I Belong to the Zoo’s Argee Guerrero himself. Watch it with us by simply clicking the play button below.

Of course just like the song, the music video frickin’ hurts. Showing a guy’s struggle as he helps his friend make his ex-girlfriend happy, he somehow tries to make up for his previous mistakes at the same time.

Honestly, what satisfied us the most about the video was its ending. It was bittersweet, yet the characters were also able to resolve their issues in the best way. Admittedly in life and love, not all people get the proper closure that they want, so seeing the characters be happy and okay in the end brought a wonderful feeling to us. It was “aww” but in a good way.

Balita ko kayo ay masaya

Honestly, just the first line of the song struck us deeply. If you still haven’t caught up yet, the song talks about the singer’s friend and ex being happy together. Moreover, he sings about his regrets as he realizes how he still longs for his ex-lover.

Basta’t ‘wag mo lang hayaan
Na siya ay muli pang masaktan
Dahil di ‘ko inakalang
Hahanapin ko ang dating binitawan

However, now that his ex is with another person, he tells his friend instead the things that he must do to avoid hurting the person he loved. With this, he also expresses the weight he feels when he sees them happy together.

Balita ko kayo ay masaya
Bawat litratong aking nakikita
Dinidiin na siya’y wala na sakin
Wala nang talaga

Balita ko kayo ay masaya
Bawat buwan iba’t ibang bansa
Mga plano namin noon
Ginagawa niyo ngayon… ang ganda

Notice how that last line above also displays his sarcasm. Deep inside, it still hurts that it is now another person —and his friend at that!—who is making the person he loved happy. But hey, what else can he do but wish them both the best?

How about you though? What did you think of IBTTZ’s new song? Also, how did you feel upon watching its music video?

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