What did I just tell you? 2019 is gonna be amazeballs! And to prove it even more, the famous single of I Belong To The Zoo finally has a music video. Check out the Balang Araw MV right here!

I Belong To The Zoo‘s Balang Araw MV is finally here. And I must say, I’m loving how they’ve turned this song’s MV into something different and unexpected.

Don’t miss out, watch the ‘Balang Araw’ MV right here:

You have better watched until the end. Because if not, I just might strangle you… kidding. Or maybe not lol!

The song ‘Balang Araw‘ by I Belong To The Zoo attacked hearts when it was released just October 23. It outright screams #friendzone, doesn’t it? Of course, that’s what we expected to see and what we saw in the music video. However, what I saw was something a bit different and I’m totally loving it!

As expected, the song ‘Balang Araw’ came to life through its music video as it shows what the song is all about: friendship and love. But sometimes, you just can’t help but cross the line from “just friends” to “secretly in love with the best friend”, huh?

Don’t worry. Stuck in the friendzone? Afraid of confessing your feelings out of fear of ruining the friendship? Well, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of individuals are suffering from it huhu! I’m so sorry y’all, but that situation is tough!

‘Balang Araw’ MV

The music video of ‘Balang Araw’ tells of a story of childhood friends, two girls and a boy.

The music video shows their bond. How they are there for each other on lazy days, reviewing, achievements, and of course, tough times.

Truth be told, what I expected was the guy being in love with one of them while one of the girls was secretly in love with the guy. That’s how it normally goes, right? But as the music video goes on, I haven’t seen any moment that sparks that idea. In fact, it looked like the guy has no love interest towards the two girls, and the girls don’t seem interested with him in that way as well.

The lil twist!

What really caught my eyes were the two girls! At first, I thought they were just being sweet girl friends. But something was brewing that no one could deny!

And just right after that scene, we’re taken back to the previous one where we saw some holding hands happening during the car ride. It wasn’t that clear the first time but now, it’s obvious that both are hands of girls.

Wave your rainbow flags, everyone! We had 20gayteen for 2018, for 2019, we have 20biteen!

This is then followed by little “moments” that you might have missed!

For the last scene, we see the girl bid goodbye to her two best friends. She sat down and looked at a polaroid photo of the three of them and placed it on her wall together with other mementos. But, her not too subtle way of hiding her guy best friend’s face on the photo confirmed that she is indeed in love with her girl best friend.

This is really cute and sweet! If it weren’t for the nagging reminder that the song ‘Balang Araw’ is all about being stuck in the friendzone. Boo!!!

And speaking of I Belong To The Zoo, it’s hard to miss the cameo of the singer Argee Guerrero, who accepted a drink offer from the characters.

So what do you think? Will she be stuck in the friendzone or could they end the heartbreaking context of ‘Balang Araw’?

If you loved this MV, listen to it on Spotify now. It definitely deserves to be on repeat!

What do you think of the little twist in the Balang Araw MV? Did I Belong To The Zoo’s song break your heart as well? Are you stuck in the friendzone? Or just afraid to confess what you feel? Tell us everything in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Remember that you’re not the only one who has been friendzoned lol!