Balang Araw by I Belong To The Zoo officially dropped! But a little warning, this song would definitely attack your already breaking heart.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the #friendzone that you can’t seem to get out of? Well if you were or currently are *sad reacts only*, then ‘Balang Araw’ by I Belong To The Zoo is exactly the right song for you.

And of course, we have the official lyric video for you here! (And yes, this is the first studio-recorded version of it that I Belong to the Zoo uploaded)

Kailan ba makakatulog ng mahimbing
Kahit ilang minuto lang na di ikaw ang nasa isip
Baka pupwede lang naman huwag ka munang magparamdam
Dahil sawang sawa na akong marinig na ako’y kaibigan lang

You probably already heard of I Belong To The Zoo and the indie folk artist behind its name, Argee Guerrero––having been able to produce heartbreaking songs such as ‘Sana’ and ‘Never Me.’

And the feels goes the same with his new single ‘Balang Araw’, as he expresses what a lot of people stuck in the awful #friendzone are feeling. (Kinda reminds you of the December AvenueXMoira dela Torre track, doesn’t it?)

After performing ‘Balang Araw’ at bar gigs, this heart tugging song was finally released on Spotify midnight of October 23. And Argee announced its release on his I Belong To The Zoo official Twitter account.

It doesn’t get any more official than this!

Heads up, it’s on Spotify too!

I Belong To The Zoo breaking hearts once again!

Through his music, Argee conveys the pain and emotions that he’s feeling, that is why a lot of people falls in love with his relatable songs. With the release of ‘Balang Araw,’ I Belong To The Zoo is once again garner the awe of his listeners! (And maybe mostly by those who are stuck in the friendzone! #OOPS)

Grabe talaga…

There, there fam.

There, there!

He let the lyrics speak for him.

Awtsu, bhe!


Sino ba ‘yan?

Wow, these tweets are very heartfelt, aren’t they? We bet they have ‘Balang Araw’ on repeat and so should you whether you are heartbroken or not, because this song is another beautiful addition to the growing OPM scene!

What do you think of ‘Balang Araw’ by I Belong To The Zoo? Did this song make your heart break as well? Were you ever stuck in the friendzone? Share it to us in the comments section below! Or better yet, send us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to hear from you!