Try to keep your hearts from breaking as Fox Joaquin and Alfred Regalado released ‘Bakit’ on Spotify!

Fox Joaquin and Alfred Regalado just dropped ‘Bakit’ and it will really make you ask all your whys. This song is making us sentimental!

Fox Joaquin and Alfred Regalado

Both Fox and Alfred were part of Fox Music, a cover band that started out with the name ‘Klaro’ in 2017 which means they’re relatively new. When they eventually started to part ways, Fox started a solo career and wrote his own songs so he could officially release singles and did acoustic sets at bars, and then came back with his former bandmates Alfred Regalado and Oliver Sayson along with Yanni Rayala to complete a 4-man band.

It’s surprising that they released this song under Fox’s and Alfred’s names only if they accomplished it as a band but that choice would not be a problem to us, because the music itself is so good! The genre of their music still remains unseen since this is just their first release on Spotify, but this first release surely got us on the edge of our seats wanting more.


‘Bakit’ is the band’s first single. If you ask me, this song really had a very SUD vibe to it, from the beats to the strings (if I may say, the vocals sound a lot alike, too). So I’m guessing the band was a big influence on their music. But who knows, right?

The wordplay is strong in this song. It used a lot of alliterations to fit the rhymes in its lyrics. Great songwriting, but really, can a song be considered good with just that? We always say that a good song is when you can feel the singer’s heart connecting with your own through the music. And I agree with that. To me it’s all about the emotion it communicates, and there is certainly no shortage of emotion on this song.

Sa iba ay “Oo,” sa akin “Ayoko,”
Baka nagkulang? Hindi naman nagkulang
Sa iba ay pwede sa akin ay depende
Walang magagawa
Kahit na binigay ko na, kahit binibigay ko pa,
Hindi pa rin kita mapasaya.
If this doesn’t hurt you to the bone then I don’t know what will. I mean, I think we all have been there, in a situation where you’re doing all that you can to make someone feel happy, but still, your efforts are in vain. Not only that but have you ever felt that kind of pain when a person you love can say yes to other people easily, but when it comes to you there’s always an excuse. It’s a unique kind of pain, and this song put it to words, hits that spot.
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We really hope Fox releases more original songs. This band is surely something to watch out for. Did you like ‘Bakit’ too? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!