LATEST DROP: Baka Sakali by Joyce Pring & Rico Blanco

Joyce Pring and Rico Blanco teamed up for a heartwarming song called ‘Baka Sakali’, and our hopeless hearts are living for it!

Ever lost your faith in love? ‘Baka Sakali’ by Joyce Pring and Rico Blanco takes being a hopeless romantic to another level, and I’m sure most of us could relate! With this, Joyce proved to us that she has a way with words and tunes, too! The single is released on the eve of Joyce’s birthday, which makes it even more special. That’s not the only special thing about the song, though!

Joyce and singing

“It’s never too late to give it another shot,” the TV host wrote on an Instagram post when ‘Baka Sakali’ was launched.

We couldn’t agree more! This song was created because Joyce decided to come back to her first love–singing– because, really, it’s never too late. When you love doing something, you’d find yourself drawn to it no matter how far you stray. You’d always have this urge to fulfill it. And for Joyce, it was not a bad choice after all! You’d find all the evidence you need when you listen to the song. It’s a choice she should not regret.

The inspiration

Joyce admitted that she actually wrote the lyrics about her special someone, Juancho Trivino. According to her, there was a time when she didn’t want to entertain any suitors yet, but then Juancho came. She sees Juancho as her best friend as they do everything together.

Now we understand why the lyrics were written as such. The singer went through it herself, in a time where she lost her faith in love and believed that it’s only for the brave and foolish, that’s when it struck her. And we can all relate to this! Love really doesn’t come when you expect it to. And sometimes all you can do is stay with someone and hope that they don’t leave you… but that’s the fun of it, right?

Baka Sakali

‘Baka Sakali’ talks about being open to love again in hopes that the other person stays. It’s a shot in the ark, but you’re willing to take the risk. Because maybe, just maybe, it can work out. I think that’s what the song embodies– hope. Sometimes we lose our hope and our faith in love because things don’t always go the way we want them to, but then someone comes along and makes us want to risk falling again.

This is also Joyce’s first original single where she worked with the ever so talented Rico Blanco. There’s no doubt that what they created is something amazing, worthy of being shared! You can stream ‘Baka Sakali’ right now!

‘Baka Sakali’ is a song that is made with love so that we as listeners can feel it, too! We couldn’t be more excited to hear Joyce Pring’s next songs! What did you think about ‘Baka Sakali’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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