Bagong taon, ‘Bagong Yugto’ – Zion is starting the year right with his amazing music as he releases his brand new EP.

If there is an interesting musician that really caught our attention last year, it would certainly be Zion Aquino. After all, he was really humble and damn was he good at his craft! Moreover, his story about pursuing his passion despite of his disease – he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer for the 3rd time already – served as a great example for people who found themselves in the same predicament or felt limited in other forms.

Now, a new year has come and Zion has finally released his EP titled “Bagong Yugto” under Star Music PH. Of course, it’s freakin’ phenomenal! And because he claimed that 2020 is his year, we truly believe that a whole lot of people just might be enlightened to support Zion and his music that is one of a kind.

Honestly we don’t have a lot of knowledge on soul, especially in the local music scene, but we might just consider trying to discover more from the sub-genre because of Zion.

‘Bagong Yugto’ EP

Last October 2019, we already had the opportunity to listen to a single by Zion. Titled ‘Kailangan Kita’, it was able to take us to a new world of OPM soul. With fresh sounds that include interesting layers to his contemporary take on the genre, we were really hooked. Moreover, the unique tone to his voice is just really fascinating and literally music to our ears.

Considering it, we had expectations that whatever Zion was going to release soon would be amazing. And true enough, his ‘”Bagong Yugto” EP is phenomenal. Listen to it with us by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below.

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Right now, the most streamed song from the EP on Spotify is the title track “Bagong Yugto” itself. After all, it is the product of his collaboration with KZ Tandingan and it is a great song which greatly unifies their distinct voices.

If we were to choose a favorite though, it would probably be “Kasagutan”. While listening to it, we just can’t help but fall into this other-worldly trance and break out into a weird soulful dance. Yes, we know we looked ridiculous but it made us feel good anyway and we like it.

How about you though? Which of the singles from Zion’s album is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.