A new day dawns on us and with Bagong Umaga by Agsunta kicking off, we’re assured of a bright future ahead.

A few months ago, Agsunta signed off from the local music scene. At first, it wasn’t clear why the band decided to take a break. But rumors began spreading about it. Eventually, the rumors about the reason for their hiatus soon died down. And after two months of silence from the band, Agsunta shocks the local music community as they announce the release of an original song, ‘Bagong Umaga’.

Agsunta is known for their creative covers or renditions of famous songs, both local and international. They garnered attention and fans as well because of their talent. And soon enough, ABS CBN music discovered them, skyrocketing their careers, even for a cover band. But after breaking off the silence from their hiatus, Agsunta gives us a new side of them that we’ve been all waiting for. Original Pinoy music straight from the talented band.

New track, new beginnings

‘Bagong Umaga’ is Agsunta’s first-ever original song. It summarizes the grateful feeling of looking forward to a new tomorrow in life. Even if life sucks at some point or the world turns against us, a bright future is still in sight. Things may go south or may not go in the way we planned them to be. But it doesn’t mean that everything ahead would be the same. No one knows what the future holds. And all we can do is hope for the best. But the great thing about tomorrows is that we can start over. We can change things and we can be hopeful as we live our lives to the fullest.

At some point, it might sound a bit like a love song. It could be but it can be solely about life as well. But who’s complaining, right? It’s one more great music to be added to our fight song playlist. Despite enduring hardships in life, there will always be people who will support us. And a brand new tomorrow awaits us for more opportunities and chances ahead.

Another thing, ‘Bagong Umag’a reflects the new beginnings Agsunta is threading right now. From being a cover band to a band who creates their own music. You can say that their hiatus gave them a breather to take their music to new heights.

Unti-unting bubuuin ang pag-ibig na nawalay sa akin
Iingatan na ang puso ko sa sakit na dala ng mundo
Babangon na ako sa pagkahimlay
Dadalhin ang pag-asang ikaw ang nagbigay

You can check out ‘Bagong Umaga’ by Agsunta on Spotify now!

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